Over the winter months, we noticed that several panels of the exterior storm glass were broken.  We had several reputable stained glass companies assess the situation.  Thankfully, each told us that such damage was not uncommon, not an emergency, or a threat to the windows.  Each provided a quote for the repair, as well as, recommendations for the interior windows.  After reviewing the recommendations and realizing that such repairs will only grow more costly in time, we decided to undertake the project this year and we have decided to welcome BAUT STUDIOS of Swoyersville, PA to perform the repairs. In addition to replacing the exterior glass, they will be making some repairs to some of the interior glass panels. Please see the descriptive below.  None of this work will interrupt our worship and we will keep you posted on the details of the project as they unfold.

Should you wish to make a donation toward this project, which totals $19,150, please write a separate check to the parish and indicate STAINED GLASS WINDOWS. Grateful in advance for your generosity.

Father Rogers


Replace five broken pieces of exterior storm glass as found on the worship space windows. They will be replaced with clear ¼” annealed float glass. We will dispatch to the jobsite, prepared with over sized pieces of float storm protection glass and the necessary scaffolding to gain access to windows from the exterior side. We will carefully remove the existing broken storm windows which will require the removal of very old wooden stops and some chipping away of putty. Due to the removal of the stops, it is quite possible they will break in the process. The storm glass will be cut at the site to allow for proper tolerances of fit into the existing openings. The sections will be sealed with high quality silicone caulking that is paintable. If the stops can be reused, they will be maintained and set in a bed of silicone mastic. When the glass is all installed we will touch up paint the glazing beads adjacent these sections of glass so that the new repairs do not stand out. Once the glass is all set and painted, we will remove our scaffold and perform the necessary clean up.






We find a most beautiful set of windows prepared by F X Zettler of Munich, Germany. Zettler was in great competition with Myer and Company but was not as large. Their work had more painting techniques and a slightly looser style than the Myer product but these features provide for a more attractive window. Of these FX Zettler windows, we find there are some six major sections of stained glass that have sagged, buckled, bulged and are headed towards further failure.

We will mobilize to the jobsite prepared to remove these six sections in a one day interval. The sections will be returned to our studio wherein they will receive the necessary bench repairs required for windows of this age. We will straighten them on our work bench with a systematic application of gradual weights to bring them back into a trueness of plane. We will replace the perimeter rim leads with new lead components to assure of a good unitized effect of each section. We will clean both sides of the glass and resolder lead joints as necessary. We will apply a slurry cementious material of linseed oil putty to work it beneath the lead flanges and offer a further stiffening process for many years to come. New copper reinforcing tie wires will be applied to replace in the original locations and the windows will be made ready for reinstallation. When the repairs are complete, we will mobilize back to the site and install the sections into the original jambs using a combination of putty and silicone type mastic for their final setting. Paint touch up of the necessary brown color will be provided with the best available matching paint as can be obtained in your locale.







Each of the 10 windows has one central horizontal bar which separates the second and third sections of stained glass. The horizontal bars show evidence of missing and very brittle putty. The putty on the bars actually secures the stained glass. Some of the bars will be reglazed when the specific glass sections for repair are reinstalled. This item deals with the untouched bars. We will carefully chip away the deteriorated putty and clean the surfaces to accept black silicone mastic for each of the 10 nave windows.


The sections of our glass are now at the Baut Studios in Swoyersville, PA where the lead will be replaced and brought back to us by the end of the Summer.  Updates of this delicate and intricate work will be made available here on our parish website as news comes forth to Father Rogers.

A word of thanks to all who have donated to this project and we thank all our parishioners for your patience as the work is underway!