St. Patrick Church Welcomes SoulCore
Beginning Summer 2021







SoulCore is a movement that strengthens body and soul by combing the prayers of the Rosary with core strengthening, stretching and functional movement. Participants are invited to nourish body & soul and encourage deeper reflection on the Mysteries and virtues of the Rosary. To learn more about SoulCore, visit  To view more “Frequently Asked Questions” about SoulCore, click here.  You can also watch the video trailer found by clicking here.







SoulCore is not yoga, nor are yoga poses or Sanskrit referenced at any time. It is not affiliated with any other exercise discipline.  Check out this video about SoulCore:  A True Catholic Workout that you can view by clicking here.


  • SoulCore was not created as a response to any other practice, but began from a simple “yes” to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
  • While distinction between movements is important, of greater importance are the theological and philosophical foundations of SoulCore.
  • SoulCore is founded in monotheism, one true God.
  • SoulCore is based in Christian meditation, which is always focused on the life of Jesus Christ.
  • SoulCore is about “filling”” the mind and soul specifically with the life, virtues and Word of Christ.
  • Our Lady’s desire is always to lead us closer to her son Jesus.  As a Marian apostolate, SoulCore imitates her striving to draw others closer to Christ through deeper reflection on his life and virtues in the rosary.


Since spiritual fitness through prayer is the main focus of SoulCore, there is no specific fitness level required to participate. All of the movements are simply invitations. Participants can sit or lie down throughout the prayers as all of the movements are optional. The prayers are the focus – staying centered on the mysteries and virtues – and the movements are simply intended to enhance the prayer experience, by deepening our connection of body and soul.







Heather Smalley, one of St. Patrick’s very own parishioners, has spent the last few years discerning her apostolate to become a SoulCore Leader. She took the necessary steps and, with the Blessed Mother as her guide along with the Holy Spirit, obtained her SoulCore Leader Certification this past year. Heather is very excited to be able to share the rosary with others in this new way with the hope that it will draw hearts closer to Jesus through His Blessed Mother the way it has for her. To learn more about Heather, click here.


SoulCore will be held in the Parish Religious Education Building. The day and time may change each month to allow for a variation of different options for various personal schedules.  Class dates and times will be posted here on the parish website each month.  Dress in comfortable clothing or sportswear, bring a fitness mat or a towel, and a water bottle. Men and women ages 18 and older are all welcome!

  • December 2021 – Classes will be held on Saturday Mornings – December 11 & December 18 – from 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM
  • No pre-registration is required.
  • Although there is no cost to participate, a freewill offering of $5.00 is suggested.  Monies collected during September – November will be donated to Kennett Area Community Center.

Please contact Heather Smalley with any questions at  We hope that you will join us!