Jubilee Overview

Introduction from Father Rogers

Greetings Everyone and Praised be Jesus Christ!

As our parish prepares to celebrate our 150th Jubilee Year, I am happy to welcome you to this special Jubilee Section of our parish website. I hope these pages will help serve as a resource for all of us in the coming year: Connecting, informing and keeping us aware of the many activities, events and happenings of our Jubilee Celebration. I invite you to bookmark this page, visit often and share it with family and friends.

Back in 1860s when Father John Wall was forming our parish community, he did so without the power and convenience of the World Wide Web. But in truth, he didn’t need it. For Fr. Wall had an even greater “web”: the web of human relationships, family, friends, and people that made up our early church community here in Kennett Square. And those relationships formed the web that connected, bound and brought together what would eventually become our beloved St. Patrick’s Church. What’s more, as a missionary, Fr. Wall knew the connecting “web-power” of The Good News and he shared that with all.

150 Years later, the Good News, of human and divine relationships, continues to form that foundation of our parish community. And we are the recipients of all that has gone before. Now as St. Patrick’s Parishioners, it is our time to share it. Our website can do that in a powerful, far reaching way. But let us never underestimate the power of our own witness and love. That’s a power our world needs, our community needs and which we are called to give. In this Jubilee Year ahead, let us continue to Share the Joy of the Gospel!

Rev. Christopher B. Rogers

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