Adult Faith Formation 

Each year, St. Patrick’s Church runs several different Adult Faith Formation opportunities. Using the best of materials, both written and video, the Word of God is broken open in such a way so as to move the mind and the heart to more fully grasp and love God’s Word. Through the group experience, one can witness God’s presence, form friendships, and grow closer to God and others in a Bible Study.


Fall Bible Study
Book Study – When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding
Dates: September 13 – November 15, 2022 (10 weeks)
Tuesday Evening, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Where: St. Joseph Room

Suffering is found all over the world and, at some time, is a part of the life of every person. Please join us in the book study on, When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding. In this book, author Jeff Cavins looks at the mystery of suffering and offers ways to find meaning and even joy in the midst of it. While many others try to sell ways to alleviate suffering, Cavins offers the suggestion that only the Church offers the idea that suffering has meaning. Through discussing the meaning and value of suffering, explaining the biblical perspective on suffering and showing how Christ’s suffering gives help and strength to our own suffering, the author shows the reader a different and meaningful way to look at the suffering he experiences. In When You Suffer, Cavins explains that “suffering is the greatest opportunity to love as Christ loves and how, by offering up our suffering, we join in Christ’s mission to redeem the world”. St. John Paul II said that if we can attach meaning to suffering we can go through anything. In When You Suffer, Cavins tries to show the reader how this is possible.

All are welcome to join us beginning Tuesday, September 13.

Please purchase the book before the first session. A paperback or Kindle version is available through Amazon at the link below:

To register for this study simply click here or please contact Anne Marie Gillinger at

Why join a Faith Formation Program?

Some thoughts from those who have participated in an adult faith formation offering at St. Patrick Parish:

  • “Studying the Bible has opened my eyes, my intellect, and my heart to Christ and His Church as never before. All the pieces have finally fallen into place.”
  • “To learn more is to love more.”
  • “Studying Scripture has enhanced my understanding of our rich Faith heritage. It’s as though Mass was one-dimensional and in black and white before attending class. Now I see in color and want so much to share this wonderful Good News!”
  • “I started attending Bible Study to learn more about the Bible and my faith. What I found was an extraordinary experience of discovery that has brought me into a personal relationship with Christ enhancing my faith in ways I never imagined.”
  • “Taking part in Bible Study has been a passionately life changing experience–quite literally thrown open the doors to reveal the truth, beauty, and mystery contained within the dynamic heart and soul of our Catholic Faith.”
  • “I’ve gained a humbling awe for our Catholic faith and learned how to better live it through the various studies and the influence of other people attending the programs. I have a greater love for God and have gained a beloved faith community.”
  • “Bible study has given me greater insight into the Biblical stories that were written describing Jesus’ teaching and his preaching of our Catholic faith.”
  • “I found the group to be so alive with the Holy Spirit that it was contagious.”
  • “Enriching as the course material is, even more inspiring are the weekly discussions and hearing how others live their faith.”
  • “The opportunity to study, discuss, and even question with fellow Catholics is a perfect way to begin a life long habit of reading the Bible.”

Contact the Parish Office for more information.