A Jubilee Legacy

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Saint Patrick Catholic Church has been a member of the Kennett Square community for 150 years. In 1869, the first church was built on South Street in Kennett Square. Later in 1906, the parish moved and ground was broken on Meredith Street where our current Church stands today. Its building is of granite with limestone trim, featuring a bell-tower at the corner, and having a seating capacity of 320 with beautiful stained-glass windows from Munich, Germany.

From baptisms to weddings; from KACS to Family Promise; from 1869 to 2019, St. Patrick Catholic Church has walked alongside the people of Kennett Square and the surrounding community for 150 years. We join together in celebrating this Jubilee legacy, commemorating the rich history of our past and celebrating our lives today in the present.

What Excitement the Future Will Bring

When we look into the exciting future ahead and plan for our Jubilee year in 2019, we might ask ourselves “What legacy will we leave? What will the community of St. Patrick Parish have from us in another 150 years?” It is a joyful opportunity for us to denote exactly what that legacy can be.

With your help, St. Patrick Parish will leave a beautiful legacy to our future community. In particular, we can contribute to restoring the gorgeous architecture of St. Patrick Church by focusing on:

  • Sanctuary furnishings – $75,000
  • Renovating flooring – $75,000
  • Repainting ceiling and walls – $70,000
  • Refurbishing pews – $65,000
  • Updating light fixtures – $30,000
  • Sound system and acoustics – More info to come
  • Other miscellaneous expenses – More info to come

Click on the image to view larger. The first two images are artist renderings of the 2019 renovation plans as of October 12, 2018. The third image is a historical photo of St. Patrick’s, demonstrating how the 2019 plans recall much traditional beauty.

Renovations Update

How to Participate

Prayerfully consider making a commitment to this very special renovation project. There are many ways to make a contribution including:

  • Using the envelopes which are available in the church pews and in the back of church at St. Patrick’s, which can then be turned in the Sunday Collection Baskets or dropped off at the Parish Office
  • Donating online through the Parish Giving:
    • Step 1: Visit Parish Giving by clicking here
    • Step 2: Login using using your previously created username and password OR select “Sign Up Now” to create a new username and password
    • Step 3: Once you are logged in, select “Pay Now”
    • Step 4: Under the drop-down menu “Select Contribution/Payment Type,” click on “Church Refurbishment”

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to all who have responded so far to our special Jubilee Year Legacy Appeal. The response has been terrific. As of July 15, 2019 we have raised $513,962.00 for our church renovations. We are so grateful!

For more information, please contact the parish office at 610-444-4364 and ask to make an appointment with Father Rogers.